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Convenient & Effective

Yep, who said health can't be tasty, convenient and effective! Our formulas of different blends work to help you regain balance and fight stress and inflammation.

How it Works

0-30 days

You should start pick a time during the day and start taking your dose consistently daily. Adaptogens take a while to build up, so take them for at least 2-3 weeks before expecting any effects.

30-60 days

Now your body is adapting and is leveling off. Decreasing your stress levels and helping you regulate where it's needed so you can regain homeostasis and helping. support your natural stress response


Incorporating adaptogen supplements into your routine can help restore your body’s balance and prevent the harmful effects of chronic stress. We like adaptogens because its a natural option.


Plant & Functional Mushrooms Based Ingredients

Functional Mushrooms

They are mushrooms that have adaptogenic and nootropic properties and health benefits beyond that of their nutritional value.


Found in herbs, Mushrooms and roots and are believe to help our bodies manage stress (whether it be chemical, biological, or physical) and restore balance after a stressful situation.

Fruit Pectin

Apple pectin is derived from apples (Malus domestica). It's a source of soluble fiber, is used in dietary supplements, and thickens food products. It is believe to have health benefits for our gut and immune system.

Tapioca Sugar

Tapioca sugar is made from cassava root and is gaining popularity fast as a healthy alternative. This vegan sweetener contains fewer carbs and calories. There are no chemical preservatives in organic tapioca syrup.