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Bottle of Nummies Performance Mushroom Gummies setup with Cordyceps Mushroom and straweberries
Infographic of a bottle of Nummies Performance Mushroom Gummies setup with Cordyceps Mushroom and strawberries

My secret weapon to ongoing clean energy!

Formulated with Cordyceps and herbal extracts to fight fatigue, enhance performance and increase energy without the jitters.

Our bodies struggle with stress and inflammation, root causes of many health problems.

We believe in the power of food and the ability some ingredients have to support and influence your health. We’ve created Nummies, Functional Mushroom Gummies. and Functional Herbal Supplements to help you reduce stressors, alleviate inflammation and reclaim balance so you can heal your body and brain.

Our Body + Brain

Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. It affects our mood, motivation, memory, fatigue and other behaviors that start affecting our performance.

Longevity + Agility

As we age, managing stress becomes increasingly challenging. Stress can lead to reduced mobility, inflammation, pain, and accelerated aging.

Immunity + Wellness

Our immune system can be weakened by stress, impacting the body’s ability to respond. Untreated, this can result in inflammation, which may lead to other chronic diseases.

“Absolutely unparalleled products. Great option for managing stress .”

– eWellness Magazine
Functional Mushroom Gummies - Nummies

"Nummies Functional Mushroom Gummies have changed my life. They have become the foundation of my daily routine."


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