Nummies Superfood Vitamins are gummies made from superfood ingredients to boost your health. Functional ingredients are used to target different benefits. Our presentation is in a gummy form that makes it convenient and practical to intake so you can build good habits.
Our vitamin gummies are a daily essential that will provide your body with the antioxidants and minerals necessary to support your immune system and enhance your brain function, among others.

A healthy body eats a diverse diet rich in whole foods. 82% of Americans lack a healthy diet.
Regarding supplementing your diet, we believe natural is always better than synthetic. That is why we created these superfood vitamins loaded with benefits. Loaded with phytonutrients, nootropics, adaptogens, and minerals can complement your diet to gain the little extra you might need. They are natural, don't contain additives or fillers, and are easy, practical, and super tasty.

The main benefits is support of your immune health.  Functional mushrooms contain compounds like beta glucans which are needed for immune system functionality.

Humans do not produce beta glucans that is why consuming functional mushrooms can add to supporting daily wellness.

All the ingredients we use on our gummies are natural based and non-GMO. Both oursupergreenandmushroom gummieshave been Non-GMO verified.

We recommend two gummies a daily. It is necessary to consume it daily so your body can adapt to the compounds and react to it.

As always, consult with your qualified healthcare practitioner for any questions related to diet.


The mushrooms used in our supplements are safe to consume. We use functional mushrooms that have undergone a careful extraction process to ensure their purity and quality. We don't use psychedelics.

While functional mushrooms are a natural product, we always recommend consulting your health care provider if you have questions regarding side effects.

It depends on your body. Some users start to feel the effects within 30 days, others within a couple of weeks. Build the habit, stay with the program and enjoy the benefits. They will come. :)


That is a good question. There are no set recommendations for what time of the day is best. It depends on your body and how you are ready for the components.
Our preferences aresupergreenin the morning, so you can enjoy an energy boost early on. Andmushroom gummiesin the afternoon.

Functional mushrooms are known to work synergistically, which means that working together they may accomplish more.


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