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Supergreen Food: The Benefits of Supergreen Blend - Nummies

Supergreen Food: The Benefits of Supergreen Blend

It might shock you to learn that only 1 in 10 adults are getting enough greens in their diets across America. This means millions of people are missing out on vital nutrients and minerals they need to stay healthy. Thankfully, the solution exists in supergreen food.

Sometimes, eating enough fruit and veg is a chore. With a supergreen blend, it's easy to add extra fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your favorite foods and drinks. It's a simple way to get the nutrition you need.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of supergreen food and how you can incorporate it into your diet. 

What Exactly is Supergreen Food?

Supergreen blends is a mix of green vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and kale. These extraordinarily healthy vegetables are dried and crushed into a fine powder, or turned into a convenient gummie. Algae and nutritious berries are also sometimes added.

This creates a powder or gummie that packs a punch. From just one supergreen gummie, you can get many of the vital vitamins you need every day. 

There are a huge variety of vitamins and mineral-packed into a supergreen blend. These include:

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E

Supergreen powders and gummies are a great way to improve your diet and your health

Benefits of Supergreen Food

There are many benefits of supergreen food. Even if you already have a healthy diet, adding super greens to your life will drastically improve both your mind and your body. You can read more about the major benefits of supergreen food right here.


Adding more fiber to your diet always has a drastic effect on how the hair looks and feels. Supergreen blends is no exception. It provides many vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs to look and feel amazing. 

Those trying to add to their locks will be pleased to hear that supergreens help your hair to grow. The nutrients in the dried vegetables stimulate the hair follicles. This is especially true of spinach, which has vitamins K, iron, and omega 3, all of which help your hair to grow.

Try a supergreen blend if you want to improve your hair health! You'll notice it feels shiner, thicker, and grows faster. Some people even recommend it for those suffering from receding hair.


Supergreen food is also a guaranteed way to get healthier, glowing skin. The supergreen blend is incredibly antioxidant-rich, and this help to reduce blemishes and promote blood flow to the skin.

Many supergreen blends have wheatgrass added to them. This is a uniquely beneficial ingredient, especially for your skin. Wheatgrass helps to repair damage and breakages in the skin and can aid in the absorption of your skin care products. 

Finally, when your body is taken care of internally, your skin always looks great. Supergreen powders and gummies will enhance your internal health so that your external features, like your skin, are also healthy and beautiful.


In a world where nice nails are always on trend, weak or broken nails are a constant source of irritation. Luckily, by consuming supergreen food, you will not only improve fingernail health but also growth.

The wealth of vitamins in a supergreen blend will harden and smooth your nails. This means they will grow straighter and faster. Plus, they will be less prone to damage or breakages.

You will also notice that the skin surrounding your nails is healthier too. Your cuticles will be less likely to tear and your nailbeds will be softer. All this contributes to the overall health of the fingernail. 


This is where supergreen food gets a chance to work its magic. Your gut is a complicated place. It has a lot of work to do and it doesn't always get the right tools to do it.

However, with a supergreen blend, you can improve your gut health vastly. The digestive enzymes that are a natural part of green food help reduce bloating, and inflammation, and can make a world of difference to those suffering from IBS.

Supergreen blends also help keep your bowels healthy. They ensure regularity because they are high in fiber. This also reduces bloating and will simply allow you to feel better and healthier. 

Finally, incorporating a supergreen blend into your diet helps reduce acid reflux in your gut. Heartburn is an uncomfortable experience for many people. By eating supergreens, you will reduce stomach acid, leading to less heartburn. 

One way or another, if you want to have a healthier gut and stomach, supergreen foods are exactly what you need. So much of our life is impacted by what we put in our stomachs, so make sure you're setting yours up in a healthy way by eating supergreens regularly. 


Everyone could benefit from a little more sleep! Supergreen foods provide the right nutrients to help you nod off easily and get a good night's rest.

It seems counterintuitive, but you need energy to sleep. If you go to bed and you're still hungry, you might find it hard to keep your eyes shut. This is because your body is trying to tell you it needs food so that you have the energy you need to sleep. 

Supergreen food offers a huge energy boost to your daily diet. Because it is so jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, it means you get a vital dose of nutrients and energy. So, even if you enjoy your supergreen powder or gummie in the morning, you'll still feel the benefit of this extra energy as you drift off to sleep.

Your body also does most of its repair work as you sleep. From healing cuts to curing colds, you'll often notice that injuries or sickness improve after a good night's sleep. 

Green food helps these repair processes along. Supergreens aid your body in rest and recovery, so that it has a better chance of fighting off infection and healing where it is necessary. 

Hunger and Weight

With all the amazing food the world has to offer today, maintaining a healthy balance is much more difficult. However, a diet filled with salt and sugar not only makes you more hungry but can lead to weight gain.

Adding supergreen food to your diet is one step towards making a healthy change. Because supergreen food is a mixture of dry vegetables, it will help you feel fuller for longer and keep cravings at bay. This helps to maintain a healthy weight. 

Supergreen food will also boost your energy. This could go a long way towards incorporating more exercise into your life, which will also have a positive impact on weight management. There is plenty of protein packed into supergreen blends, so building muscle through regular exercise will become easier. 

While it's important to maintain a healthy diet, supergreen blends will go a long way in getting some extra nutrients into your diet. 


Supergreens are very beneficial for your heart. They contain a lot of iron, which is a key component in creating healthy blood. Having greens in your diet has also been linked to decreased risk of heart disease and obesity.

Supergreen food also helps to keep your cholesterol in order. While your diet will also have an impact on your cholesterol levels, supergreens are a step towards a healthy diet. High levels of "bad" cholesterol are dangerous, so it is best to take precautions to avoid it. 

Heart health is also impacted by mental health, and supergreens help to keep your mind clear. This in turn improves the health of your heart and will make you feel better in the long term.


You may have heard of supergreens being described as "brain food." Well, this is true. Having a diet that includes a lot of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients is incredibly good for your brain. 

By adding supergreens to your diet you will improve decision-making, your thought processes, and your mental clarity. They can even boost your mood so you will enjoy your life more. 

Because of the massive energy boost supergreen foods offer, they help your brain to make healthier choices. You will find you have more energy to exercise and focus on the things that make you feel good. They are a great choice for anyone with a heavy workload or those who are trying to study as they improve focus. 

How Should I Eat a Supergreen Blend?

There are plenty of ways to get supergreen powder blends into your diet. Adding them to some of your favorite food and drinks will make them easier to enjoy. The powder is generally not bulky, so it shouldn't change the texture of the food or drink you add it to. 

Gummie Form

One delicious way to enjoy supergreen blends is through gummies! These are delicious and enjoyable to chew. Plus, they have all the nutrients of a wide range of green foods, so you can be sure you're getting all the vitamins you need. 

Milkshakes and Protein Shakes

Milkshakes are a great option to add supergreen powder too. Everyone knows they aren't the healthiest drink option, so adding a spoonful of supergreens is an excellent way to up the nutrient contents in these ice cream-based treats. Milkshakes enhanced with supergreens are also a great way to get kids the vitamins and fiber they need!

Protein shakes are another beverage to which you should add supergreen food. Not only will you be getting fiber and nutrients this way, but you'll also be getting some added protein. This makes for the ultimate healthy breakfast or a nutritious snack throughout the day. 

Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are great ways to get more fruit. However, you can make them even healthier by combing them with some supergreens. 

Before you blend your smoothie, simply add a measure of supergreen powder into the mix. It will all combine in the blender to create a delicious and healthy drink. 

Or, if you prefer to make a smoothie bowl, supergreens make the ultimate topping. Add nuts, a spoonful of supergreen powder blend, and yogurt on top of your smoothie base for the perfect smoothie bowl to start your day with. It's the ultimate health food combo!

Stirred Into Water or Cold Drinks

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can simply add a spoonful of powder and stir it. It will blend easily into your water and create a hydrating and nutritious drink. Most supergreen powders don't have a very strong taste, so they will still taste just like water.

However, it may change the texture of your water and you will notice it is slightly thicker. It's a great way to stay hydrated and get the nutrients your body needs. Plus, this version is so quick and easy to make, so if you're rushing out the door to work in the morning, it's a great option!

Sprinkled Over Oats and Cereals

Supergreen blends are a great addition to oats, whether you make them in the morning or you overnight them! Along with other healthy additions, like nuts and berries, you can make a simple and delicious breakfast by adding some supergreens to your oats.

Supergreens also work sprinkled over cereal. This is one of the best ways to up the nutrient content of your cereal. Some cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals like iron, so adding a sprinkle of supergreen blend powder makes them even more nutritious. 

Supergreen Food is a Healthy Option for Everyone

It's clear why supergreen food has become such a popular choice for those wishing to improve their health. From your sleep to your gut, it seems like there's nothing it can't fix.

All the nutrients and vitamins you find in fruits and vegetables are conveniently placed in a supergreen blend. It's easy to drink or add to your favorite snacks. One scoop a day is enough to see truly amazing benefits!

To learn more about everything you can do to keep your body healthy, contact us here. One of the friendly team will be more than happy to offer advice and answer any questions. 

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